Jetking introduces ‘World’s first Do It Yourself TABLET PC Course

Published: 12th September 2011
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July 2011: What started with mobile phones, is now taking a pit stop at Tablets. Running the gamut of smartphones, Kindles and iPads, Tablets are a natural progression in the global technology ecosystem.

The ‘GenNext’ is hopping on to the Tablet bandwagon, but knowing what happens when your expensive device develops technical difficulties becomes quintessential? What if a malfunctioning part is not easily repairable? What will you do if you are forced to take apart your device to trace the source of the trouble? Do you know exactly how your Tablet functions?

Imagine this : what if you could be that one person, among probably thousands, who actually understood what tablets are made of, how they function, and how to set things right in no time.

Take a step further and think : with such important knowledge literally at your fingertips, couldn’t you take a leap ahead of others at your workplace, fixing and finding solutions for a device that is the world’s latest technological fad?

Jetking can make it happen for you!

"For all those out there wishing to know how the revolution in touch screen technology and understanding the world of Tablets. Jetking Infotrain Ltd has launched the world’s first ‘Do It Yourself Tablet PC’ or Jetking DIY Tablet PC a one-of-a-kind device that allows the user to assemble and install the Tablet on their own," says Harsh Bharwani - VP, International Business and Dedicated Services, Jetking Infotrain Ltd. Even better news? You can opt for a 12-day ‘hands-on’ course which is 100 per cent practical-based. The DIY Tablet runs on Android operating system which has been adopted by more than 60% of smart phones & tablets today. Jetking Infotrain Ltd bundles the Tablet with their career courses, however during the initial stages students can opt for a 12 day hands on program which is 100% practical oriented & gives you a deeper understanding of Tablet PCs. Being a certification program the Jetking DIY Tablet course can also enhance your overall job skills & job opportunities. After this course completion students can confidently work on their Tablets & are given the finished Tablets to take home Free of Cost! Along with assembling, students are also taught on topics such as Tablet troubleshooting, Tablet synchronization on the Cloud & Tablet application understanding.

How can you get this advantage?

- The course is a 12-Day and 100% practical.

- Students who are HSC pass, Diploma holders, Graduates and other can opt for this course.

- Courseware includes a book on introduction to Tablets, assembling a Tablet and working

with Android applications and the actual Tablet itself.

- Special offer : First 500 students to enroll can take away a free Jetking DIY Tablet after

the course. Course offered at Jetking Centers in all Metros across country.

All in all, its courses that will fast-track your job search and possibly land you in a rewarding job you’ve been dreaming about. Plus, if you enroll right away, you get the world’s first DIY Tablet free with a host of incredible features!

What are you waiting for?

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